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Our Experience

We bring extensive international experience in accelerating your food and beverage growth in the US

Our Team has extensive experience launching, managing, and investing behind brands and products within the US market.

Our ability to actively partner with smaller manufacturers and leverage this experience is unparalleled. Along with our unique international experience, we have held executive and senior-level roles within both large and (later) smaller VC/PE-backed companies.  We bring big-company learnings to small, "scrappy" brands and products that need flexibility, transparency, and a high-level of accountability.

Our operational Team has an average of 18yrs US-market experience in Sales, Operations, Trade Planning, and Social Media Marketing.  These tactical functions are specifically focused on targeted domestic Sales channels and categories, and we understand the small (yet very important) nuances required to operate across international boundaries.

AmeriGrow Ventures' co-Founder and Managing Director, James Moss, was born on a farm in South Africa and understands the challenges that come with growing a business and striving to enter larger, international markets.

He has spent over 25 years in America's food and beverage industry, with companies ranging in size from Cadbury Schweppes Plc (Commercial and Finance Director roles) to smaller "growth capital" brands backed by one of Europe's largest venture capital funds. 

James has an MBA in Finance and B.Sc (Marketing) from the Univ. of Denver and the Univ. of Colorado respectively, and utilizes this unique combination of skills to secure profitable and sustainable growth rather than chasing inefficient distribution points.

His passion is partnering with unique brands and products to ensure success, while avoiding the common pitfalls many experience through the (expensive and timely) process of trial and error.

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