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AmeriGrow Ventures, LLC
Advise, Operate, Invest

Partnering with International Food & Beverage
Brands and Manufacturers to Explore, Launch,
or Expand Within the USA

Refrigerated Goods

We develop and execute your roadmap to successfully grow in the US market.

What We Do....

Simply put, AmeriGrow Ventures manages your US operations in order to flatten the learning curve & shorten the cash-burn when growing in US$.  Think of us as your offshore US branch office and team, with all functions and communications being conducted in the same region, language, and culture as your US customers.

We are your fractional Commercial Officer, because what you need in a team during the first phase of growth will change as you scale.

We focus on Business Development and growth in

  • Private label (store brands)

  • Foodservice

  • Branded (Retail) channels

As your team, we consolidate and manage your entire US operations and presence, ensuring that working capital is a variable expense.

We further reduce overhead costs by consolidating our buying power, enhancing efficiencies, and leveraging tenured relationships to negotiate optimal contracts where necessary.


  • grow your bottom line in USD$ and ensure you, as the product and brand owner, benefit from all of the operational margins derived from supply chain to retail shelf, 

  • develop and implement a strategy and roadmap for the right product, in the right channel and store, with the right support,

  • manage all the Commercial components and back-office support - based on the stage of growth we select the optimal network of service partners and hold them accountable,

  • can facilitate the complex, yet necessary, financial and legal structures.

We Do Not:

  • act as transactional importers or brokers,

  • operate with a "buy and sell" model,

  • manage and develop your brand in the US market without your full alignment and consensus.


Who We Partner With

Our diligent expansion strategy allows for us to align with key retailers and supply-chain partners to ensure sustainable and profitable distribution

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Our Experience

We bring extensive international experience in accelerating your food and beverage growth in the US

Our Team has extensive experience launching, managing, and investing behind brands and products within the US market.

Our ability to actively partner with smaller manufacturers and leverage this experience is unparalleled. Along with our unique international experience, we have held executive and senior-level roles within both large and (later) smaller VC/PE-backed companies.  We bring big-company learnings to small, "scrappy" brands and products that need flexibility, transparency, and a high-level of accountability.

Our operational Team has over 180 years on US-market experience in Sales, Operations, Trade Planning, and Social Media Marketing.  These tactical functions are specifically focused on targeted domestic Sales channels and categories, and we understand the small (yet very important) nuances required to operate across international boundaries.

AmeriGrow Ventures' co-Founder and Managing Director, James Moss, was born on a farm in South Africa and understands the challenges that come with growing a business and striving to enter larger, international markets.

He has spent over 25 years in America's food and beverage industry, with companies ranging in size from Cadbury Schweppes Plc (Commercial and Finance Director roles) to smaller "growth capital" brands backed by one of Europe's largest venture capital funds. 

James has an MBA in Finance and B.Sc (Marketing) from the Univ. of Denver and the Univ. of Colorado respectively, and utilizes this unique combination of skills to secure profitable and sustainable growth rather than chasing inefficient distribution points.

His passion is partnering with unique brands and products to ensure success, while avoiding the common pitfalls many experience through the (expensive and timely) process of trial and error.

We are based in the epicenter of the US natural foods community at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder Colorado. Approx. 30km from the city of Denver, the town is known for the quality of the food industry’s innovation, investor base and network, logistical infrastructure, and its access to the University of Colorado’s R&D and talent pool.

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AmeriGrow Ventures, LLC

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